Do you enjoy giving back to your community? Come volunteer for the awesome Sugar Daddy Race. We are looking for good people who would like to help make this a great race experience. If you are first time rookie, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, we welcome you to join the volunteer team.

Volunteer participants will receive exclusive Sugar Daddy Crew shirts, volunteer training luncheon with raffle prizes, plus earn FREE entry credit to next year's race!


Volunteer Positions

The following positions are available:

  • Staging Setup (8 positions)
  • Parking Crew (6 positions)
  • Registration / Check-In (8 to 12 positions)
  • Gear Check (2 positions)
  • Course Aid Stations (15 to 25 positions)
  • Course Monitor (4 positions)
  • Course Sweeper (1 to 2 positions)
  • Medical First Aid (2 positions)
  • Photographer (3 to 5 positions)
  • Videographer (1 to 2 position)
  • Finisher Food & Water (2 positions)
  • Start/Finish Line Management (4 to 6 positions)
  • National Anthem Singer (1 position)
  • Staging Breakdown (8 positions)

Volunteer Registration

To volunteer simply complete the form below and we will get in touch with you with further details within a few weeks of the race. Together we can create an awesome race experience for everyone, thank you for your support!

2023 UPDATE: As of 6/9 we currently have enough volunteers to cover all positions. You are welcome to sign up to be on stand-by incase we have any cancellations beore race day.  Thank you for your support and understanding.  


Huge thank you to our awesome race crew volunteers. We have the deepest sense of honor and gratitude for everything you did to help create an awesome race experience for everyone that came in touch with the Sugar Daddy Race. This event would not have been possible without your efforts and contributions. Hands down the best team of volunteers we have ever worked with, we hope to work with you again for a future race.

  • Adam Gayou
  • Aireq Mettle
  • Bertina Joseph
  • Charity Miranda
  • Christopher Gonzales
  • Christy Belknap
  • Danny Alejo
  • David Simon
  • Deo Jaravata
  • Eric Ayers
  • Ervin Velasquez
  • Ethan Uchino
  • Fabian Solorzano
  • Faith Gayou
  • Felipe Lopez
  • Jake Miranda
  • James Mitchell
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Jessica Calhoun
  • Jodie Walker
  • Jolene Quier
  • Kaia Miranda
  • Linda Burrows
  • Marianne Simon
  • Marley Sanchez
  • Matt Groeteke
  • Melissa Tampus
  • Michelle Newell
  • Nabor Cabanillas
  • Patrick Uchino
  • Phillip Park
  • Run Fu Cai
  • Sheny Espino
  • Sophia Mitchell
  • Stephanie Ayers
  • Stephanie Yoshida
  • Trinh Baxter
  • Vanessa Lemus
  • Vangie Paragas
  • Vicente Castro
  • William Whitelock