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Our races are all about the runners and the experience they have with our race. After every race, we do a feedback survey to help us understand how we did, how we can improve our future races and hear what the runners thought about their experience.

We got a ton of responses and great feedback. Overall it is clear from the ratings that everyone had an awesome experience. But don't take our word for it. Read a few of the testimonials below directly from the runners. Huge thank you to all the runners and volunteers who participated, this race would not be possible without you!

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  • Start/Finish Line
  •  Race Goodies
1068 - Joshua Nelson

Joshua Nelson

Nothing better to kick off Father's Day Weekend than by participating in the race with the sweet finish!

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 1068
3103 - Sarah Cabrera

Sarah Cabrera

What a fun local race! From the free race photos, free ice cream, great medals, free day of packet pick-up and awesome aid stations there's a reason I plan to keep my legacy status for this race going for a very long time!

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 3103
2006 - Alyssandra Wathersbee

Alyssandra Wathersbee

Lots of fun for kids! I love to eat ice cream after!

Avg. Rating | Distance Kids Run | BIB 2006
5011 - Jennifer Stradling

Jennifer Stradling

This is the second year I’ve run the Sugar Daddy 5K and it was once again a great morning. Fast times and lots of smiles.

Avg. Rating | Distance 5K | BIB 5011
3226 - Michael Uy

Michael Uy

A well organized, openly fun, local race with a great course - a hidden gem worth making the trip for.

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 3226
3031 - Tina Listro

Tina Listro

This was my second race with Sugar Daddy! Your races are so much fun, high energy and great for the entire family. Looking forward to my third race with you next year!

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 3031
3156 - James Mitchell

James Mitchell

This is one of my favorite parts of Father's Day weekend! Running a great course, and a fantastic race crew, makes a wonderful race experience!

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 3156
5121 - Erika Ehlert

Erika Ehlert

I look so forward to this race every year! You guys go above and beyond all race expectations!

Avg. Rating | Distance 5K | BIB 5121
1018 - Teipei Liu

T Liu

One of the perks of living in Valencia are these awesome running trails! I had to sign up and join runners that run for the joy of running. The swag was great and I loved the free pictures! All I had to do was show up and enjoy the run. I will definitely run this again!

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 1018
3031 - Sarah Presley

Sarah Presley

This was my 3rd year running the Sugar Daddy Half Marathon and 3rd year loving it. The race has great energy from start to finish. The enthusiasm of the volunteers brings a lot to the aid stations. The medals are always awesome. And hey...who doesn't love ice cream?

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 3031
3080 - Matthew Fifield

Matthew Fifield

The Sugar Daddy half-marathon was a beautifully organized event.This was my first half, and I was grateful for so many smiling volunteers at the well-stocked aid stations that cheered me on to my goal!I'm already looking forward to next year and my next running goal.Thanks Sugar Daddy!!

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 3080
1043 - Albeerto Casanova

Albeerto Casanova

This was my first 10K and I did not know what to expect. I have been running less than a year but you all made me feel very welcome and the competition was exciting and friendly. Looking forward to next year. I have recommended this to all my friends.

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 1043
3011 - Michelle Yanik

Michelle Yanik

Scenic route, great after party, fun race. I will participate again 🙂

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 3011
Jacobo Retamozo

Jacobo Retamozo

Thank you so much for making an event close to Fathers day. Being a father of three it's not easy to find an running event within the Santa Clarita area close to fathers day. This is an event that I would definitely keep running. I hope to see this event every year.

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 507
Holly Rogers

Holly Rogers

What a fun, local race. Everything was well organized, the course was clearly marked, well stocked/supplied/planned aid stations, great running community!! Loved the ice cream at the end on such a hot day. Very happy to have been a legacy runner for the inaugural event!! And placing first in my age group was very rewarding!! Looking forward to next year's race! In the meantime, excited to run the Spacerock Trail Half Marathon in October!!

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 737
Jennifer Toth

Jennifer Toth

Sugar Daddy Run was great fun for us! There wasn't any pressure to hurry up (except from the sun), so we could enjoy the view of the route we ran, and we really loved crossing the Iron Horse Bridge! The event was very well organized, enjoyable, good tunes, great medal/shirts, pleasant race staff/volunteers, and worth starting our day in this fun atmosphere. Thanks y'all! Can't wait to do this again next year! 🙂

Avg. Rating | Distance 5K | BIB 347
Michelle Newell

Michelle Newell

When I do a run I try to remember to have confidence in my abilities, know that I am only competing against myself, and to enjoy the scenery.

Avg. Rating | Distance Half Marathon | BIB 826
Gabriel Villegas

Gabriel Villegas

What better way to kick off Father's Day then with a little run with your kids!

Avg. Rating | Distance 5K | BIB 308
Suzanne Whitman

Suzanne Whitman

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the scenery during the 5k, plus my 4-year-old son had a blast as he ran his second "grown up race!" Great atmosphere and well-organized, too!

Avg. Rating | Distance 5K | BIB 309
Candice Guzman

Candice Guzman

What a great, fun race! I ran the 10K with my 11-year-old son and we both had a blast!

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 537
Alison Eckmann

Alison Eckmann

Everything was very well organized and the ice cream at the end of the race was a really nice perk!

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 602
Gwendolyn Strean

Gwendolyn Strean

Well organized race!! Lots of fun with pleasant volunteers and an excellent course!! A truly awesome experience!

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 554
Noe Guerra

Noe Guerra

This is a well put together event that everyone can enjoy. From elite to casual runners. Will definitely run this again next year.

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 514
Ali Wood

Ali Wood

The Sugar Daddy race was one of the sweetest!

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 561
Leslie Cohen

Leslie Cohen

Super fun race with a nice trail course, fun vibe and great swag!

Avg. Rating | Distance 10K | BIB 601

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